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About Cassie

Hi, I’m Cassie! A stay at home mama of two boys. Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, I worked in the hospitality industry for over 10 years. Like millions of others, I lost my job.

I have always loved real estate and everything home! Right before Covid hit, I had just been approved for a loan to grow our real estate portfolio. Unfortunately, with everything 2020 brought that plan didn’t pan out. So with all of that, I’ve been picking up the pieces, continuing to work on this plan and reinventing myself.

Real estate is still my plan! Sometimes you just have to pivot and start walking down an alternate path to get where you are going. Maybe that was life’s way of pushing me to work faster toward my dream? I’m excited for you to follow the journey with us! 

Stay tuned for everything real estate, home, DIY and family!

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About Deb

Hello all, I’m Deborah (Deb) (Cassie’s mom). I love design! Whether it’s old, new, modern, victorian, rustic farm, country cottage, chic, mid century or a blend of several styles making up your own unique space.

I have a background of being a nail art designer, makeup artist, salon owner and educator, always using my love of design for over 25 years. As a young girl I was raised in an old farmhouse and I was always redecorating my room with anything I could find or reuse. Yes, frugal!

My sweet Cassie and I lived in a 1910 Victorian, where I still reside. I have redone floors, painting, tile, bedrooms, kitchens, artwork, and hand painting over the years! We love taking items and making them useable once again in a unique way for today’s living styles. Stay tuned for inspirations to help create the “Sweetest Room” in your home!

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