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5 Easy and Affordable DIY Home Decor Ideas for 2022

Interior decor trends in the past few years have been a quintessential aesthetic aid in creating an Instagram-worthy look for the indoors. Who wouldn’t want a home that feels like a vacation?

Recovering from a health crisis and economic strain, people want their home to feel like a warm hug. Functional spaces to serve a purpose. Decor trends for 2022, are going to be filled with cozy comfort, aesthetic upgrades, and color choices to make us feel comfortably luxurious.

Now that we are staying at home, rather than blowing the budget on an extravagant home renovation, DIY projects can be a fun way to add vibrancies to your indoors. With a basic toolkit and some creativity, you can tackle a budget-friendly revamp over the weekend or simply whenever the creativity bug strikes you.

1. Preserve nature: Adding a bit of greenery to the indoors never goes out of style. It brings tranquillity and a sense of refreshment to the space, helping you feel close to nature without even having to step outside.

  • Place houseplants in decorative pots in the household that serves the aesthetic, as well as calmness to the eyes. Texture and paint of your choice can give the plant pot a gorgeous appearance.

  • Add fragrance and hints of color by hanging pot or flower vases next to the window. Or simply use a few small glass bowls full of water and flowers for your shelf.

  • Add an area of wood slats with small potted plants for a modern display.

Tip: Use a source of light pointing to the plants. Shadow of the leaves, flowers, water, and decorative containers together, can create a dramatic effect on the wall.

2. Art Gallery Wall: Who says wall decor is complicated? Paint simple wall arts on canvas, then hang them to create a chic gallery wall. Personalize your decor to make it even more special. Fill the bare walls with memories of happy moments. Display your photos from your favorite tour, or a special moment captured of your family, digitally enlarged.

Tip: Use quirky photo frames of different sizes to create interesting visuals.

3. Pillow Covers: Can’t figure out what to do with old clothes? Well, here is some good news for you. Pillow/cushion covers made from used clothes are on the decor trend. Start by cutting two pieces from old jeans or the quirky pattern from your favorite old cloth. Sew the pieces together neatly. Ta-daaa!! A recycled, zero-budget pillow cover is ready to cozy up your sofa.

Tip: Use bold, textured, or aesthetic patterned clothes.

4. Floating shelves: Another way to decorate your blank walls is to create floating shelves. Open shelving to display your favorite books, a few statement pieces, plants, and even everyday objects has been a timeless statement in decor trends. Apart from adding personality, floating shelves are very functional to have an uncluttered tidy interior space.

Tip: Use different materials of different shapes and sizes for an interesting look.

5. Wallpapered Furniture: Wallpapering an entire wall may feel too laborious. Why not revamp a piece of furniture? Wallpaper placed on an open and exposed area of the furniture, inside the drawers, or murals on cabinet doors, will add so much personality to the space.

Tip: Afraid you might spoil the space? Start with a smaller piece of furniture tucked away from your main living space.

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