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Helpful Tips to Declutter Your Home

Looking for ways to add organization into your home? Organize any space more effectively with these tips. Try to implement one or two of these tips every week and you will have a home that feels less cluttered in no time!

1. Designate a spot for every single item in your home, including the smallest items. Use drawers, cabinets, containers, or baskets to hold the items so they are not out in the open.

2. Use containers instead of shelves if you're prone to over-stuffing them. This will help you to limit the amount of items you have in your home. If it doesn't fit then you know it is time to donate.

3. Assign each family member a drawer or cabinet for their belongings so that area won't get disorganized by others. This will make it easier for items to be put back where they belong.

4. Arrange furniture so hallways and other frequently used areas are open and clear. If a space is packed, normally most items will end up unused and begin collecting dust.

5. Reorganize pantries and cabinets with containers and labels that can be read easily. Showcase your creativity with labels you design yourself or if you are looking for something quick, purchase pre-made label.

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