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How Do You Make Homemade Ribbon?

Do you have extra fabric laying around? Why not make homemade ribbon to use during the holidays, on a gift, a tree, or as garland when the holidays roll around? No sewing involved!

Below we share the step by step process for you. Or watch the step by step video process on our instagram story highlight named “Deb’s DIY Tree Ribbon”.

Tattered DIY Tree Ribbon

STEP 1: Lay out your fabric and decide the width you want to make the ribbon. Recommended width would be 2-4 inches depending the look you are going for! The wider the ribbon, the more “wow” factor you will have once your Christmas decor is complete.

STEP 2: To achieve the tattered edge look as shown in the picture, you will make a small cut in the fabric so you can rip it into strips. You will not want to cut the entire strip. IMPORTANT: Rip the fabric long ways for this DIY.

STEP 3: Decorate your little heart out! This is such a quick, easy DIY so you can get to the best part…DECORATING YOUR HOME!

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See you there!

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